If you operate a company that performs any type of contract work, the professionals at K.S. Roth Insurance Agency can show you how to protect your business. From liability exposure while on the road, to liabilities associated with business contracts, we provide you with insurance services that will help ensure your business isn’t jeopardized by accidents and errors. Consider the following coverage options we offer to protect your business:

Design-Build / Professional Liability

Assess, understand and mange the risks associated with all phases of designing and building projects.


Make sure you have adequate coverage to protect your work-in-progress, as well as materials on a job site, in the event they are damaged by forces out of your control.



If you’re working with or transporting any kind of hazardous materials, it is paramount to ensure coverage for liability and clean up. These situations are generally not covered in a General Liability policy.

Contractual Agreements

Avoid unexpected costs, overdue payments and/or delayed starts by factoring in the additional insurance needed for contractual bids and agreements.


Is your owned or leased mobile equipment and /or tools are your sufficiently covered? Make sure you have the proper loss control program to prevent theft of tools, equipment and materials.

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