K. S. Roth Insurance Agency insures manufacturers of all sorts and sizes. In addition to common issues, each manufacturing business has industry-specific needs depending on the process or product involved. We work with you, one-on-one, to ensure coverage where you need it, including:


In the event of an equipment breakdown, fire, or severe weather damage, you may need funds to cover your everyday overhead and expenses.


Manufacturing glitches and other issues may result in a defective product. A product recall, depending on the item, can be particularly disabling considering the freight charges, customer service and public relations costs associated with it.


Foreign Exposures

Ensure coverage for employees travelling or products shipping overseas.


No matter how you ship your products— by ground, air or sea, are you prepared for any damages or losses that may occur en route?


If you use any type of hazardous materials in your processes that pose a potential risk to your employees or property, liability for potential mishandling, pollution and clean-up should be an important consideration.


Workers’ Compensation

We work with you in order to assess and minimize potential risks and hazards to your workforce as well as minimize the overall cost of claims.

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