Wholesale / Retail

K. S. Roth Insurance Agency works with wholesale and retail companies of all sizes. In addition to common issues, each business has company-specific needs depending on the product or services involved. We work with you, one-on-one, to ensure coverage where you need it, including:

Product Liability

By selling a product with manufacturer defects, or an imported product without US insurance, you may be held liable.


Are you covered for the sales and storage of items that might become hazardous in the event of a fire or other unexpected occurrence? Do your employees work with any chemicals that may introduce liability?


Loss of Refrigeration

Are you prepared for losses associated with a lack of refrigeration of stored food or perishable items?

Premises & Operations

Keeping in mind the amount of traffic you may experience, have you done enough preventative maintenance to prevent slips, trips and falls? Do you have sufficient liability coverage?


Employee turnover is especially high for retail operations. Be sure you’re covered for expenses related to discrimination, harassment and wrongful termination lawsuits?

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